Balakrishna Warns Ram Charan Teja for praising Tamil Directors? 
Looks like the battle between the star heroes families continues… In a fresh conflict between the Tollywood star families Nandamuri Balakrishna has launched an attack against a young hero for his unfitting comments.

After the recent Dasari-Charan spat, Tollywood is abuzz with another slugfest that has come out in the open. This time it is Balakrishna versus Ram Charan Tej.
The stars’ rivalry took a new turn when Balakrishna slammed the young actor at a function — without naming Charan — and said that one should not demean Telugu film-makers as the industry boasts of many great names. “Telugu cinema has many talented directors. I will not spare anyone, particularly actors who have done only a few films, who attack Telugu technicians without understanding the glory of Telugu cinema,” he said, issuing a veiled threat to his rival’s son.

Recently, during the audio release of 7th Sense, Ram Charan had praised Tamil director Murugadoss to the skies while claiming that T-town lacked such innovative film-makers and urged the latter to “draw inspiration” from K-town directors. However, a source close to Charan said, “It was just to promote that particular film and not meant to hurt Telugu directors. In fact, he hasn’t worked with Tamil directors like other Telugu stars and has always given due respect to Telugu film-makers and has big films lined up with them. His statement was unnecessarily blown out of proportion.”

Chiranjeevi Response:

Manchi, chedu , prathi chota vuntayi – Chiranjeevi garu responds to Balaya’s comments in Tirupathi.

Balaya emi anado nenu vinaledhu. Evarini udhesinchi anado naku teledu. Balaya lanti senior natudu vakyalaku ardham vuntundhi – Chiranjeevi.
User Submitted Response: 

Balakrishna (Balayya) is among one of the Top heros in Telugu, but he is not even having the maturity a 25 year old actor has got. This is in connection to the warnings given by Balayya to Ram Charan Teja for speaking good about Tamil Industry. Balayya first come out of the well and look at the Ocean of film industry, I would have been more happy if you would have recognized Prasthanam, Alluri Sita Rama Raju, Vedam, Anveshana as one of the best examples of Telugu Cinema rather than quoting your own movies like "Aditya369"-A remake of "Time Machine" and "Bhairavadweepam" which is in no way a comparision to "Patalabhairavi". A movie which collects money need not be a good movie. So please stop your attitude of self praising and look at the world in a wider perspective.


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