Chennai girls will not forgive me - Sarvanand

Sarvanand is an handsome young actor who had scored well in Engeyum Eppodhum though he didn’t have much dialogues to speak.

While speaking to the media said, "All the appreciations that I am getting now should go to director Saravanan. Engeyum Eppodhum is my first success after so many years of hard work. When I was 17 years, I discontinued my B Com in midway and came to act.

There were lots of failures and frustrations. Now after lots of sorrows I have a great consolation now. Many are asking me that how I am able to speak Tamil well since I hail from Andhra Pradesh. I am in Chennai for the last one year and if I don’t speak Tamil, the Chennai girls will not forgive me. Initially it was very difficult to understand Tamil dialogues. Because of this Saravanan did not give many dialogues.

Now I am so popular in Andhra because everybody makes fun of me by saying the dialogue, Anju Ruba Irrukka… I am so happy. This offer came to me unexpectedly. I came to Chennai to see Endhiran. At that time I met Saravanan for an offer. He told me that, he is going to direct a film which has Vimal and Jai in the lead roles and promised that he will give me an opportunity in my next film and sent me back. I was little disappointed at that time.

Adding more Sarvanand said that then all of a sudden he called upon me and told me that there is difficult in getting Vimal’s call sheet and whether I am prepared to act in his role. I was so happy and acted in this film. Many are asking me that whether I am having lots of girl fans. To tell you the truth I am having more girl fans in Chennai than Andhra. If I go to a theatre or shopping malls, the girls shout affectionately addressing me. Well don’t ask me whether I am in love with anyone. There’s no time for me to get into relationships."


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