DAM 999 - Problem between Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Sohan Rai, a Malayalam film maker is coming out with a new flick ‘Dam 999′. Based on Mullai Periyaru issue, the film will be hit the screens on Friday.
Critics told that the film is advocating Kerala’s aim to demolish the Mullai Periyaru Dam.

World’s First 3D movie with a 3D website!!!

Based on the Award winning Documentary ‘DAMS- The Lethal Water Bombs’

Title : DAM999
Official website : http://www.damthemovie.com

The story revolves around the central edifice in this movie, a 100-year-old dam built by the British during their colonial days in India. Like a dam, each character in this movie holds back their emotions for various reasons. Eventually the dam breaks along with that of its characters, drawing the audience to a gripping climax. The number 999 has great importance in British Colonial Indian history. The story reveals the concealed truth of India's age-old myths and science.

DAM999 is a conceptual 3D International movie directed by Sohan Roy and produced by U.A.E based production company BizTV Network. The movie is a tribute to 250,000 innocent lives who demised in the 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster in china.Reports say DAM999 is popular among movies 2011 and trailers 2011. All lights film magazine declared DAM999 most popular among movies 2011 exhibited in AFM2010.



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