Danush says Why This Kolaveri Di created in 6 minutes

Danush says Why This Kolaveri Di created in 6 minutes
When asked Dhanush that whether he has become a lyricist, he said, " Writing the songs for Mayakkam Enna happened just like that. Since I had lots of time during the shooting I was able to think a lot and pen the lyrics.

The song Pirai Thedum was written by me when I was sitting idle at the shooting spot. Selva asked me to write the song Kadhal En Kadhal as if two friends are speaking casually. I simply wrote and gave him. He liked it very much. During the composing of the song Oda Oda, Selva and I was there. G V asked me for dummy lines. I told him one line. He made this into a beautiful song. G V never planned anything. I don’t know to pen poems.

 I will write very locally. This has worked out in this film. Many are asking me about the song Why This Kolaveri Di and that whether I am going to become a music composer because I have written and sung the song. I never thought that I will write the song. Music composer Aniruth showed me the tunes that he has composed.

On hearing the tunes, lines started running in my head. Immediately I took the mike and started singing the dummy lines. Aishwarya started recording this. The song was sung in a single stroke. No lyrics were written in the paper for this song. Only in two places we have changed the words. The whole song was ready in 6 minutes. Many are telling that the songs I write are becoming very popular. But composing music are all big matters. I have no such idea. This itself is too much for me."


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