Daush's '3' - Why this kolaveri di? most searched video

Looks like the decision of Dhanush and co. to release the single of the movie 3 as well as the video was a masterstroke indeed.
The song and video has gone viral on the internet garnering nearly 691,000 views on Youtube.

The video is the most watched video on Youtube.com and the song most downloaded track on 6tune.com.

Click here to download - Why this Kolaveri di?

The catchy English Tamil lyrics of the song, the recording video and Dhanush's voice along with debutant Anirudh's music have all made the song the most sought after online track today.

The music of 3 has been released under the Sony Music label.

Kolaveri is the most searched video

The single Why This Kolaveri Di from the upcoming film 3 seems to have become an anthem not just in Tamil Nadu but across India.

On this particular video sharing site online, the song has become the most searching video. There was a rough video released with this single, which has become a big rage with the netizens. Confirming this news, Anirudh, the film's composer tweeted recently saying, "Its official! 'Kolaveri' is the most searched and played Youtube Video in India today! Thank u all!" Look's like this track, penned and sung by Dhanush will remain on the minds of Gen Y for a while.


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