Dhanush's 'Kolaveri di' overtakes Vijay's 'Appidu podu...'

Vijay's 'Appidu podu...' from Gilli was the last Tamil song that had made the whole nation dancing for its tune.
The intensity of the success can be witnessed on South films (Telugu, Kannada) and the Bollywood movies, which either used the beats or the first line of the track - to convey the message that the person who was playing the song, was a Tamilian. Now, Dhanush's 'Kolaveri di' from movie 3 has become a bigger hit than the above mentioned other song.

One would easily pose a question that Dhanush's 'Kolaveri di', which was released a few weeks ago, is yet to be retuned in other language films and declaring that it has beaten 'Appidu podu' could be not right. But the point which is being taken into consideration is the time period that the songs consumed to gain popularity. While Vijay's song, which was released in 2003, started attracting the non-Tamil audiences only after 2005. Dhanush's number needed seven days to garner the nation's attention.

However, putting aside the fact of the time period, 'Kolaveri di' song is far from becoming an all-time chartbuster number. It is because the track is yet to be shot and if the visuals fail to meet the audience expectations, then Vijay's 'Appidu podu' would remain the best ever number, which took the nation by storm, till date.

Meanwhile, Vijay's charbuster song 'Appidu podu...' is now being retuned for a forthcoming Hindi film, which is produced by actor Sonu Sood. The original composer, Vidya Sagar himself is tuning the Bollywood song.


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