K. Bhagyaraj's Vaanga Cinema Pathi Pesalam on Vijay TV

Vijay TV has launched a new film based show titled 'Vaanga Cinema Pathi Pesalam' last week (06 Nov 2011) airing every Sunday at 3 pm.
The show brings in the hottest stars and the best technicians on to the sets to discuss about the movies that's currently released. K. Bhagyaraj hosts the show wherein top stars and technicians of Tamil Cinema would join him during the discussion of the particular movie, sharing their experience and their journey in the making of the film.

The show also features unique segments in which viewers questions based on the film are answered by K. Bhagyaraj and he also speak about the most memorable scenes of various films and also provides a lot of indepth knowledge on the working of the Tamil Cinema world. So don't miss to watch the absolutely new and entertaining show 'Vaanga Cinema Pathi Pesalam' host by the great director K. Bhagyaraj airing every Sunday at 3pm only on Vijay TV.


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