Kannada Rakshana Vedike against Velayutham, tears banners, screening stopped

The members of the Kannada Rakshana  Vedike organization, laid siege on the theater which had released the film ‘Velayudham’ and resorted to hooliganism. Also, they tore of the banners of actor Vijay. Since the audience were evacuated the shows were cancelled.
The film ‘Velayudham’, starred by Vijay, was released in theaters on Deepavali.  This movie has been screened in several theaters including one Radhakrishna theater in R.T. Nagar, Bangalore.

As is the situation, the members of Kannada  Rakshana Vedhike organization headed by Praveen Shetty  laid siege on the Radhakrishna theater which screened the film ‘Velayudham’.

They tore of the banners showing Vijay. Also, they behaved cheaply by stamping upon the banners.  Moreover, since it was the eve of Karnataka Rajyothsava they were very strongly against the release of other language films including Tamil and threatened not to screen those movies.

Also, they evacuated the audience from the theater. Following this, shows of ‘Velayudham’ were cancelled yesterday. Those who had come to watch the movie returned disappointedly.

Regarding this Praveen Shetty comments, “We have decided to celebrate the Karnataka Rajyothsava occasion for a period of one month. Until that, only Kannada movies should be screened in Bangalore. Other language movies including Tamil should not be screened. We have written a letter to the Film Trade Association and Karnataka government.’


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