'Kolaveri di...' a Soup number - says Danush

'Kolaveri di...' track from the forthcoming movie 3 has become a trend setting song. The quirky lyrics, which is mixture of Tamil and English words, and catchy tune have not only attracted the Kollywood audience but also non-Tamil listeners.
Well, Dhanush, who is overwhelmed by the unexpected response, has called the track a 'soup' number.

Dhanush says that 'Kolaveri di...' idea is fresh and he would like to call it as a 'soup song for 'soup guys'. Explaining why he called it by that name, the Tamil actor claims that the number talks about love failure and it is being crooned by a boy, who has failed in his relationship. He further adds that the words chosen for the song are commonly used by the youths, which have helped to relate them to the song.
Dhanush, who has written and crooned the track, 'Kolaveri di...' gives credit to the music director, Anirudh for the success of the song. However, with the success of this song, now the audience are eagerly waiting for the complete album of 3 to release. It is expected to hit the stands next month.


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