Mayakkam Enna: A celebration of quality cinema 
Selvaraghavan and Dhanush have got together for the fourth time for yet another unique venture, Mayakkam Enna that hit the screens worldwide yesterday.

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Mayakkam Enna: A celebration of quality cinema
Sometimes when you watch a movie you might think if any other actor could have done it better than the hero in the film. Mayakkam Enna is one such film where you can think of any class actors like Vikram or Kamal Hassan might love to do. But fortunately, Kollywood has several actors who can do such roles very convincingly irrespective of their looks or experience or fan base. If you thought Aadukalam deserved a National Award for Dhanush then you will be convinced watching this. If you thought he did not deserve then you have to watch this film. He comes out with a powerhouse performance as Karthik, a freelance photographer dying to get a break and stays with you even after you leave the theatre.
It's a hattrick for the brothers (after the success of Thuluvadho Ilamai and Kadhal Kondaen) and they deserve a pat on their back for making such a class film.

The movie starts off with an intro about Karthik's life and his passion (photography), his family and his group of friends, who are very close to each other. He wants to become a wildlife photographer and keeps trying hard to join as an assistant to a famous photographer. In the mean time he also takes some freelance assignments. Karthik has a younger sister and they have lost their parents at a very young age. It's his friends who take care of them after that incident. They are all closely bound and most of the time stay at Sundar's (Sunder Ramu) place.

Sundar introduces his girlfriend Yamini (Richa) to his friends saying that she had agreed to date him for some weeks. The friends don't approve their relationship as he did not tell them earlier but later agree to it except for Karthik, who hates her. Karthik and Sundar have a special bonding and they are close to each other than the other friends.

Meanwhile, the hatred between Karthik and Yamini slowly develops in to love and they get married. Turn of events lead to Karthick becoming abnormal, how Yamini manages to continue her life with him and how she manages to get him out of this situation forms the rest of the story. You cannot stop from comparing this film to the earlier films of Selvaraghavan. Some might tell that this movie resembles his earlier movies in parts but I would like to say that those situations are his stamp as a director and he does full justice to the story and the way it's treated. There are several scenes which are fresh and will be remembered for ever like  the one where Sundar's dad offers drinks to them to sort out the girlfriend issue,  the one where Karthik acts like a dog to get a job as an assistant, the scene where one of their neighbor asks Yamini to vacate the place because of the problems created by Karthik and the scene where Yamini has a miscarriage because of Karthik

The best one for sure will be the scene during the interval, when he goes to pick Yamini from a bus stand when both are at the peak of their hatred to each other. The anger slowly changes into weeping, expression of their worries, a gentle hug, a lively chat and a kiss. This is for sure one of the best engaging intervals I had ever seen for a long time (atleast after Sivaji).
The background score (GV Prakash) and cinematography (Ramji) are the real backbone for the film and it makes you part of the entire proceedings. GV Prakash is excellent in the rerecording and he smartly keeps it void in many scenes to make it more effective. The songs are placed at right intervals and are shot beautifully. I am sure Kaathal En Kaathal will be a scream in the theatre.

Dhanush has an extremely difficult role to play and does it with ease. Richa though looks little mature for Dhanush, but aptly fits into the role of a stubborn modern woman who manages all issues arising because of her abnormal husband and also guides him to the path of success. She could not have asked for a better role in her debut film. The supporting actors also give a good performance.

Being a budding photographer myself, I really enjoyed this film on a different note too. watching the shots where he photographs wildlife, his passion for photography etc. They say when you see a picture through the lens, time stops and its equivalent to enlightenment. To bring that effect on screen is very difficult but it was shown superbly and each upcoming photographer will cherish this film.

Though the film has several mass elements it could very easily be classified as a film for the class. It's a proof that Kollywood has matured audience and can offer films in all genres. This should definitely fall in your list of must-watch films.


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