No Rajini - Aamir Khan in ad campaign 
In Indian showbiz the name Rajni sells hotter than even the hottest chicas on the block!

His fan following is insurmountable and all it takes to bring them panting to the theatre is the possibility of glimpsing him on the silver screen even if it’s just for a minute.

This was evident in the way Shahrukh Khan promoted Ra. One and the way Rajini fans reacted to the idea of their hero appearing as Chitti, the Robot in SRK’s sci-fi flick.

Whether the cameo lived up to their expectations or not, SRK’s target was achieved – the Tamil audience crowded the cinema halls.

Shortly after the pairing of SRK and Rajini, we heard that Aamir Khan and Rajni were coming together for a public service ad campaign for the Government of India. However, turns out that this was a mere rumour and nothing more.


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