Pooja Kumar plays opposite Kamal for Vishwaroobham

Things have started falling into places for Vishwaroobham. The movie, which has been facing cast and crew issues, has got its one of the female leads in the form of former Miss India USA pageant, Pooja Kumar.

The New York-based girl has joined the shoots of Vishwaroobham recently. Talking about the Tamil movie, the actress claims that she did not have a second thought, when Kamal Hassan offered her the film. People would not turn down any offer to act in Tom Cruise's films, likewise, nobody rejects the Tamil superstar's movies.

The actress believes that her karma in the previous birth has landed her in this film and she considers herself to be lucky to act opposite Kamal Hassan. However, Pooja Kumar concludes by saying that she has not asked the Tamil actor-director about why he chose her for the key role.

Besides acting, Kamal Hassan is directing and producing Vishwaroobham. He has also written the story and script.


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