'Poraali' do not release in Sri Lanka - Sasikumar

Sasikumar has announced that he would ensure that his forthcoming film 'Poraali' would not hit the screens in Sri Lanka, by not selling its foreign management screening rights, popularly known as FMS, to anyone in the island nation. He has requested others in the industry too to take a similar stand.

"An important income channel of Sri Lanka can be blocked if Kodambakkam (Tamil cinema) wants to do this. Cinema and tourism form the backbone of Sri Lankan economy. When the government there allows Tamil movies only after deleting pro-Tamil dialogues, why should we release our films there?" he questions, in an interview to a popular weekly.

"Of course, a part of our revenue will get affected by not releasing Tamil films in Lanka. But we should not allow our films to make money in the island country when our brothers and sisters are suffering there. So I have decided not to sell the FMS rights of Poraali to Sri Lanka," he adds.

Sasikumar however denies that 'Poraali' (meaning rebel) is a film based on the ethnic war in the neighbouring country. "Everyone in this world is a rebel in his own right. Day in and day out, people have to undergo struggles to make their ends meet. This is the basic knot of the movie."


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