‘Poraali’ remake in Hindi

The film Poraali directed by Samudrakani is to be remade in Hindi. Poraali is a film which has Sasikumar, Naresh, Swati and Niveda in the cast.
This film is being produced by Sasikumar under the banner Company Productions.

Samudrakani who is directing this film said, "everyone will have his own dream. Everybody is travelling towards that dream and ambition. The story of Poraali is about such four people who travel towards their ambition. This is a different story. In a way every one is a revolutionary.

The story of this film is narrated in a simple and commercial way about the people who become rebels to achieve their goals. There will be lots of difference between Nadodigal and this film. Sasikumar has donned two getups in this film. There will be comedy in every scene. We are releasing this film in Tamil and Telugu in the first week of December. This film is to be remade in Hindi. Talks are going on with regard to this. Announcement regarding this will be made soon."


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