Priyamani, Divya, now Lakshmi Rai for Veerapan

Priyamani, Divya, now Lakshmi Rai for Veerappan  
When he was alive, it was mentioned in all the media that the jungle gangster Veerappan had little interest on women. Some claimed that he deserted his wife and had women of his choices.
Whether it is true or not, such a situation has happened in a coincidence for the movie about his life. At the initial stage of film making, Vana Yuddham, director AMR Ramesh said he chose Priyamani for the role.

Later he switched over to Divya Spandana for her simple depiction. As the movie went on for certain level, now Ramesh has changed the heroine and replaced with Lakshmi Rai. This comes after her thumping performance in Ragava Lawrence's Kanchana. Her brief role in Mankatha too fetched such a refined recognition.

Lakshmi Rai felt happy to have united for such a popular theme and praised Ramesh. This has been finalized after he apprised her to accommodate herself to convenient dates and Rai accepted with pleasure.

The hero is Kishore who is excited to take over this sort of burning script. Ramesh assured that he could not compromise on the life style of the forest monster. He said realism is his main foray for the movies as he did for Kuppi. He admitted that he had gathered necessary information from the records about Veerappan and there is no need to sideline any thing.


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