REEL or REAL - Conversation Between Shruthi And Suriya 
Shruthi Speaks To Surya : 

Why Did U Do This To Me ? Now The Whole World Thinks That I And U Had Something Something.

Dont U Know You Are My " CHITHAPPA " ? And Great , U Stole My Siddarth Away From Me.

Siddarth And Me Recently Broke Off . Do U Know About That ??? . U HAPPY NOW ??? !!! ...U Make Him Believe That I And You Had Special Relationship , WHAT THE HELL !!! And Now 7AUM ARIVU Is Not Doing Well At Cinemas , U Are Responsible For All These !!! .

I Shouldnt Act With You At First Place . Now You Know What I Going To Do Next ? . I Had To Beg AR.Murugadoss To Give Me A Chance To Act With Vijay As His Heroine For His Next Film ! . That's It ! , Bye FOREVER !

Surya : ( Speechless ) ??? :(

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