Sandhya and Santhanu in love?
There is this news which is spreading widely, that Sandhya and Bhagyaraj's son and actor Santhanu are in love and they are going to get married soon.
Also many said that is the reason Sandhya's film sare not doing well, she has lost her market and stays distracted.

When asked Sandhya about this, she said to kollyinsider, I am getting lots of offers.But I am not accepting all of them. I am only selecting the films that have good story line. Also she adds, there is no way that i lose my position in Tamil Cinema. Recently i have been concentrating more on Malayalam films.

There is continuous news that I am in love with Santhanu. We are good friends and there is no love between us. When the time comes, my parents will decide about my marriage.


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