Udhayanidhi clarifies a rumour on 7aum Arivu dubbed version

A rumour sparked off on networking sites (read facebook and twitter) that '7aum Arivu's dubbed version in Telugu and Hindi (although there is no version in Hindi!) portrays the story as if Bodhidharma were from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and Dharavi in Mumbai in the respective versions, and that this, is putting down the pride of Tamilians.

Ridiculed by such irrelevant and baseless rumours, Udhayanidhi Stalin, producer of '7aum Arivu' expressed, "People who cannot deal with 7aum Arivu's enormous success are spreading unnecessary rumours! Even in our Telugu version Bodhidharman is from Kanchipuram".

Reportedly, '7aum Arivu' that opened a day prior to 'Velayudham' and thanks to the five day festival weekend and five shows permitted by the government, the film has grossed a little over than 'Velayudham'.


  1. Hello arun, the film expressed the idea to understand how our ancient tamil peoples. They are in top among the world. So if we understand that we also get the success enrgy to compete the world. take the positive things. Compare to other masal films, this film conveys a good msg.


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