Udhayanidhi slams websites for 7aum Arivu

It looks like Udhayanidhi Stalin is losing his patience and is settling down with funny verdicts. It’s worth mentioning that there have been considerably enough variations in box office reports for Diwali releases.
While some of the websites had listed Velayudham at No.1 position, Udhayanidhi Stalin openly unravels the box office collections of ‘Ezham Arivu’ thereby slamming down the false reports.

In his statement, it is mentioned that the areas of Trichy Tanjore area 1st 16days collection- Ezham Arivu -5,06,97,897 and the other Diwali release (Velayudham) -3,70,35,420. But in some websites (definitely not kollyinsider) Ezham Arivu 2nd position according to box office. I don't understand which box office they mean? May be Tiffin box?


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