Vasundhara pairs Cheran for his 'Nakulan Ponnusamy' 
Cheran had earlier produced the film Muran. When he completed half of the film, he sold the film to UTV. Finally UTV produced this film and released it.
Now Cheran is producing a film. Nakulan Ponnusamy is directing this film which will have Cheran in the lead role.

It is understood that Cheran was very much impressed with the story narrated by Nakulan Ponnusamy. So he himself has decided to produce and act in this film. The shooting of this film will be commencing during the last week of January.

Vasundhara (Vasundhra Chiyertra) - the Peranmani girl who is acting in Poraali will be pairing with Cheran in this film.


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