Velayutham's Plus and 7aum Arivu's Minus
Surya’s 7aum Arivu and Vijay’s Velayutham was released during Diwali day. These two films are very much expected by all fans before it gets released.
When look upon 7aum Arivu and Velayutham, it seems Velayutham to be the winner of this Diwali.

Velayutham story is very simple and is suitable for all kinds of people. The director Raja had given a masala film with comedy, romantic, fight, patriotism.. in a single story. And the starrers also very suitable for their roles. The ordinary Velayudham turning as a Superhero (look-alike)Velayudham was said in a Comical way without any buildups. Here the character demands that one who stands against evil is a Hero.

While in 7aum Arivu, it seems to be a lack of audience since it has a complex story, it is not suited for all types of viewers. The theme taken by AR Murugadoss is very big and the team has also had given full efforts. Only Thing to be appreciated is that the film governs Tamil and Tamil people. The director failed in best screenplay and it does not have enough love or comedy scenes. The character Bodhidharman is very well expressed.

But still 7aum Arivu is Box-Office number one, and Velayutham is next to it!


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