V.Z. Durai's '6' with Sham and Poonam Kaur

V.Z. Durai has been known for his style of attempting with different genre of movies. His debut directorial ‘Mugavari’ is still regarded as a good family entertainer. His other films ‘Thotti Jaya’ and ‘Nepali’ weren’t commercially successful, but proved to be an impressive show.

The director is now making his comeback in Tamil film industry through the film ‘6’ starring Sham and Poonam Kaur in lead roles.

Acting workshops aren’t common in Kollywood and very few actors and filmmakers do take up this phase seriously. Say for instance Kamal Haasan has been ritually sticking to this practice from the days of ‘Virumaandi’. Now the entire crew of ‘6’ is working on the same pattern.

Now actor Sham and his director V Z Durai have conducted a 10 days workshop for their new movie with a symbol as title (just a symbol of 6 candles!). Hero Shaam and heroine Poonal Gaur have participated in this workshop along with the crew for all the 10 days. 

Throwing few lights upon the film, Shaam says, “The script traverses through the life of a child and the rehearsals is so much helpful to us. It fills us with more confidence and even the complicated scenes are done with an ease. We are so much thankful to that director.”


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