Ajith's risk stunts for his Billa 2

During the shooting of Mankatha, it was reported that Ajith involved himself in risky car drives and bike chases.
By temperament Thala is a fierce fighter, both on and off the screen. It was he who extorted the boldness to finger those threatened for the film festival of the former CM Karunanidhi.

Of late there are news about his upcoming project Billa 2. Ajith is very keen to shape this film on more spices than the earlier version. According to the sources of the unit, many sequences involving him has no doubles. Ajith himself took shots of risky nature which mesmerized the unit. Ajith intends to portray his very nature of realistic approach to the scenes.

Director Chakri Toleti was otherwise worried that nothing untoward should happen. Because the film is moving on a smooth surface. Of course, Ajith has sung the idea, Vilayudu Vilayudu Vazhum Varaikkum Vilayadu.


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