'All I need is around 1 week for a film' - GV Prakash

GV Prakash 
G.V.Prakash coolly explains "All I need is around 1 week in order to complete the tunes for the entire film, but for this the final cut of the film has to be given."
It is extraordinary work by any music director to complete all the compositions for a film within one week of time. But G.V.Prakash has done it, with in fractions of time. So far his work never looked low standard or rushed. In real they are up to the mark, they were been best in the industry and award winning.
The young music director has taken only 8 days for composing the music for Aadukalam and only 6 days for Mayakkam Enna. Besides which, Deiva Thirumagal's composition took him a massive of 80 days and Polladhavan music was scored by himself in 66 days.

When ever the director is asked about this huge contrast, G.V.Prakash says "This is because some films are delivered to me in their final cut, while the other films are given reel by reel with new cuts and inclusions regularly. This will obviously take more time, because work can only be done in fits and starts."

So the film makers have to learn from this that they have to complete all the production works and then approach G.V.Prakash to get special background compositions with in less time.


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