Amala Paul to fire her manager soon?

Amala to fire her manager soon?
Actress Amala Paul is said to be not so happy with the ‘functioning’ of her manager who manages her call-sheet dates and fee, etc. in all her films.
Usually, managers play an important role in the development and in helping to sustain the careers of most of the actresses; they are the ones who to go out and seek opportunities to lift the sagging careers of their bosses and also act as PR agents of those actresses.

In the instant case, though, Amala is reportedly feeling dissatisfied with the performance of her manager.  Some time back, Amala was cast as the heroine opposite Dhanush in the film 3 directed by his wife Aishwarya.  Soon enough, Amala was ‘out of the project’ and pretty Shruti Haasan stepped in as the heroine opposite Dhanush.  The super-hit song Why this Kola veri…., incidentally, is from the film 3.

Sources close to Amala say that she recently had a spat with her manager over his ways of ‘managing’ her career.  In fact, Amala realized only after everything was over that she lost the opportunity to star in the film 3 only because of the goof-ups by her manager.  Though the details are now clearly known as of now, it is rumoured that a ‘communication gap’ is what cost the film for Amala.

What really caused the manager’s tenure untenable was that when the manager couldn’t get Amala paired up opposite Vikram in his upcoming film Thandavam.  The fact that Amala and Vikram share the same manager makes it all the more baffling that the person failed (?!) to get them paired in the latter’s new film.

Considering the fact that Amala was in reckoning to play the heroine’s role when the film was announced, the actress couldn’t digest the fact that she is not part of the film.  Reports say that Anushka might be paired up opposite Vikram in Thandavam.  Incidentally, both Anushka and Amala starred with Vikram (not as heroines, though) in Deivathirumagal which released a few months back.


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