Dharani happy on Osthi opening!

STR's Dharani directed Osthi has taken a good opening all over Tamil Nadu.

The opening is uniform in multiplexes and single screens in B and C stations.

The film after initial release hiccups, opened on Thursday, a working day to get the advantage of a four-day weekend.

It succeeded to a large extent as STR films always take a good start and there was an 85 to 90 % opening on day-one and two and holding well on Saturday.

Rajesh of Raja theatre in Kallidaikurichi says: " Osthi is a racy mass masala that is being lapped up by the audiences. It has opened well and collections are steady."

Dharani is happy the way the Osthi has opened. Says the director: "STR has proved once again that he has a star opening. I'm very happy that the opening collections are fantastic, inspite of releasing on a working day."


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