Ilayaraja's live performance at Nehru Stadium on Dec 28th 
It’s not often that ‘Maestro’ Ilaiyaraaja agrees to perform live on stage for the benefit of millions of his fans and music-lovers.
It is a proven fact that the temperamental genius, as and when he gets up on stage to perform his magical music numbers, does possess the capacity to hold the audience’s attention for hours together.

Undoubtedly the most talented music director in Indian films at present, Ilaiyaraaja seldom performs with his orchestra. Of late, Ilaiyaraaja’s greatness has been recognized in great measure by Bollywood film-makers too, something which is only justifiable given the man’s immense talent and hunger for innovation. Despite his personal problems and worries, Ilaiyaraaja has never failed to enthrall his music-lovers with his memorable tunes.

Music lovers in Chennai would get to watch on-stage the Maestro performing live for them on the evening of 28th December. The Maestro’s music nite would be held at the sprawling Nehru Indoor Stadium in the city. It’s been close to 5-6 years since Ilaiyaaraja performed live-on-stage in any city. Incidentally, it was Jaya TV which hosted that event too at the same venue. Ilaiyaraaja, in between, took part in a musical nite organized by Ramji’s troupe.

Jaya TV hosts the programme this time also. The tickets for the event can only be booked online. Lat time when Ilaiyaraaja, the ‘Emperor of Melodies’ conducted his programme at the Nehru Statidum, there was hardly any seat left vacant in the arena. The programme, which was telecast live, was reportedly watched by the chief minister with great interest who reportedly didn’t move from her seat in her residence for close to 6 hours!


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