Jai clarifies that he didn't hurt sentiments of any actresses

Strong rumours buzzed up that Jai and Anjali were in love and it had naturally left them to make abrupt decisions to disapprove the theory of gossip columnists.
Anjali passed an official letter that she isn’t love with Jai and wouldn’t share screen space with him anymore. On the pars, Jai came up with a statement that he wouldn’t marry an actress, which has left many of them infuriated. In fact, it’s heard that few actresses had expressed their wrath calling up Jai personally.

Jai has now clarified that he didn’t mean to hurt the sentiments of any actresses. Says Jai: ‘The reason behind my statement is that after marriage if both of us busy with our projects, it wouldn’t be perfect. So made it clear that I wouldn’t marrying any actresses.’


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