Kamal’s unhesitating reply for a reporter's question on his retirement

It was the press meet regarding the figgy Media cum Entertainment industry’s conference.  Kamal Haasan, being the head, met reporters.

During the occasion a reporter darted a question as to how far websites promote cine industy. 

Kamal Haasan replied to this question ‘Why is this question being asked to me, the fact being that I stress upon the importance of websites for cine industry promotion? I myself am to start a web magazine. So I belong to your community.’

Another reporter threw a question as to why lead actors as himself (Kamal Haasan), Rajini, and Bollywood actor Amitab should not retire.

Kamal’s unhesitating reply is as follows..

‘Why…why you should be here? You can also retire since you are old.’, and the reporter’s mouth was pinned shut.


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