Kamal's volcanic pen gift to Vairamuthu

There is a jubilant mood at Kamal Haasan’s camp. The assistant directors say that Kamal Haasan is going to show a side in Viswaroobam which has not so far been seen in any other films.

There was a news on one side that the film will speak about cannibalism which is so far done only in Hollywood cinema.

But Kamal Haasan immediately gave s statement refusing this news, but sources close to unit say that there is such a scene in this film.

After a long time Kamal is going to treat his fans with dance in this film. Because of this Kamal has leant the Kathak dance systematically. Kamal had actually wanted to shoot most of the sequences of this film in Canada. But then there was a problem.

There was a problem in granting visa to the entire unit. Kamal who was not deterred by this shot these sequences in Jordan and has returned back. Andrea who accompanied Kamal to Jordan was search of another heroine for Kamal. During this search she spotted Pooja Kumar.

Pooja who is a NRI is so beautiful that Kodambakkam will really celebrate her. Kamal who had completed 40% of the shooting in Chennai and abroad had encountered another problem. There were difference opinion between the producer and Kamal.

Initially the budget was supposed to be Rs 30 Crores and now the budget has crossed Rs 50 Crores. So Kamal has taken this film into his custody. At this juncture Kamal has announced that this film will be produced at a cost of Rs 120 Crores.

Vairamuthu who has been penning lyrics for this film said," Kamal had asked me to pen the lyrics for the film Viswaroobam. We met at Kamal’s Alwarpet office. He told me about the situation of this song. He told me, " This song sequence is featuring in a sensitive area.

The words of the song should be powerful. At the same time, it should not hurt the feelings of anyone. Only you can do it." He also screened me the sequence. I also agreed and returned. I completed the song in two days and showed it to Kamal. After reading the lyrics, Kamal became very ecstatic.

He said that he had got the lines he wanted. I also was satisfied because I had given the song he wanted. Kamal after reading the lyrics went to his room and came back with an article. He gave me the article and said that it was the gift for the song. I also opened the packet. There was a pen in it.

Kamal told me that it is not an ordinary pen and that pen is made of the volcanic emission made in Italy. He also added, "These pens were used by G 8 countries for signing the agreements and it is appropriate that a volcanic pen should be in the hands of a volcanic port." I thanked him and took the pen.

Vairamuthu had mentioned that he has written his first song for Manirathnam’s film with that volcanic pen gifted by Kamal Haasan.


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