Kolaveri Di on prestigious TIME magazine | 20 million views

The Kolaveri number is fast making it bigger and bigger each day. The latest news from Mumbai is that Dhanush, the singer of the song and hero of the film met Amithabh Bachchan at his residence. He was later seen with Abhishek Bachchan at a film premiere in Mumbai too.

Ever since Kolaveri Di was uploaded on YouTube, the popularity of the song has been on the raise. The trippy number got more than 20 million views and caught the imagination of the youth who made it a sort of anthem. You Tube has honoured the track with a Gold Award for getting the most number of hits.

Now the song has been hailed by the prestigious TIME magazine. "Perhaps the ballad's universal theme is part of its appeal – apparently it's about a guy who's been dumped by his girlfriend. The song is also notable for its pretty nonsensical use of words, employing a unique language probably best described as ‘Tamglish’ – mixing Tamil and English."

People are commenting on the fact that Time magazine of USA has reportedly written about an Indian song like this after twenty years, the previous instance being about Rahman and Roja.


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