Mambattiyan has been declared as Hit! 
Actor-director Thiagarajan's pet-project Mambattiyan, which has his son Prashanth, has been declared hit in all the centres within two days of it's release.
Mambattiyan is not just another remake, for the screenplay has been modified to attract today’s audiences; it is grander than the original and many desires that remained unfulfilled while making the original have been realized in this remake.

In Mambattiyan, Prashanth appears in a never-seen-before get up and for the first time he pairs up with Meera Jasmine, who reprises the role of Saritha in the original. Mumaith Khan plays the part played by Jayamalini. Veteran actor-producer Thiagarajan takes care of the film’s direction, production, story, screenplay, dialogues and art direction!


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