Mambattiyan vs Mouna Guru in Box-Office this friday 
This week-end will witness a tough battle between Mouna Guru and Mambattiyan at the box office.
Mouna Guru is directed by Shanthakumar and features Arulnidhi and Iniya in the lead roles. Mambattiyan stars Prashanth in the lead and is directed by his father Thyagarajan.

Both the movies are having a gala release. Arulnidhi is keen to make it count this time as his last couples of films have failed at the box office. Prashanth too is keen to have a good run at the box office with his Mambattiyan. It is a remake of yesteryear hit of the same title featuring Thyagarajan in the lead.

With already films like Osthi and Porali running in some screens, it’s an interesting weekend this.


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