'Moongil Vizhigal' - a Remake of Oomai Vizhigal

'Moongil Vizhigal' - a Remake of Oomai Vizhigal 
The old movie of Vijayakanth, Oomai Vizhigal was asked for a remake under the same title. The proposal came from the director Vincent Selva of Piriyamudan, Youth and Iraniyan fame. He said he wanted to remake the movie based on the current trend.

The film was a massive hit for Vijayakanth as the then director Aabavaanan crafted the story with social message. Selva hinted that there had been a major hitch in captivating the captain movie. Aabaavaanan was not instantly agreeable to the project and Selva has no other option than to go for a fresh story with new title. Hence he is on the foray of creating an all new script under the title Moongil Vizhigal.

He revealed that the main cast is likely to include Sarath Kumar and Karthik may be roped in for the heroic deeds. With Santhanam for humor and Thambi Ramaiah for the character role, Selva said two heroines from Pune and Mollywood will fill in the slots. Thozhvi Nilayena Ninaithal, Vincent padam edukka mudiyuma.


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