Mysskin prefers working with local technicians than foreign

Mysskin prefers local technicians to Hollywood technicians
Director Mysskin recently launched his upcoming directorial venture titled Mugamoodi starring Jiiva and model Pooja Hegde in lead roles.
For curvaceous Pooja, this would be her debut film as heroine in Tamil and she is mighty excited to be starring alongside two proven performers in the form of Mysskin and Jiiva.

For the first time in his career, Jiiva is all set to play a ‘super-hero’ kind of a role which would surely be loved by his fans and children.  The film also stars Naren, who was the hero in Mysskin’s earlier films like Chittiram Pesudhadi and Anjathay, playing a ‘negative’ role for the first time. Naren says he’s only too happy to be playing a role that he hasn’t tried so far.

Both Naren and Jiiva reportedly underwent rigorous training in the Japanese martial art form of Kung-Fu in order to prepare themselves for their roles in the film.  Many computer-generated graphics sequences would feature in the film, informs Mysskin and adds that the script is a ‘dream film’ for him.

“I was told by my producer to take on hire foreign technicians and stunt choreographers as per requirement for this film.  Why should we under-estimate ourselves?  We have world-ranking stunt choreographers and other technicians in our midst.  Why go elsewhere when you can get it done in your own backyard?  Sekar, with whom I learnt Kung-Fu myself right from the age of 18, would work as the stunt choreographer of the film and would be assisted by Dilip Subbarayan, son of ‘Super’ Subbarayan,” says Mysskin proudly.


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