Mysskin says ‘Mugamoodi’ - Not a remake nor a Inspiration

With couple of movies produced by UTV Motion Pictures turning to be the remake of Hollywood movies, South Chief Dhananjayan has now assured that his upcoming movie ‘Mugamoodi’ isn’t off that sort as director Mysskin has worked on a new and fresh script.

The movie was launched yesterday morning at Santhome High School and the entire crew addressed the media channels during the lunch session. Speaking on the occasion, director Mysskin said that he worked on the script nearly for four years and it has come out really well.

Jeeva on his part added that the previous night he had the dream of the film’s trailer and he is so much involved in the movie. When asked whether the film is inspired from any Hollywood Super hero movies or Hindi films like Krish, Dhananjayan said, “I have gone through the script page by page and in no point I felt it to be an inspiration or replica of any other movies. I am sure after watching the film, you’ll feel the same.”

The entire crew consisting of actor Jeeva, actress Pooja Hegde, actor Narain, music director K and almost everyone from the technical crew were present.


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