Osthi and Dabangg - What is the difference?

Silambarasan aka STR's 'Osthi' has seen a good opening worldwide. The film is the remake of Bollywood blockbuster 'Dabangg' and expectations were raving high on this film due to reasons many.

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Osthi Vs Dabangg - A comparative review

One of the reasons why I wanted to watch 'Osthi' was to see how Kollywood has remade an original "Mass hero" Bollywood blockbuster in Tamil. Of late, we have seen several south films remade in Bollywood, exception being "Jab We Met" which was remade in Tamil from Bollywood but did not receive much success as the original. In that sense 'Osthi' was a real experiment and will lead to several remakes in the near future, if successful.

'Osthi' which has been produced by Balaji Real Media and released by Reliance is directed by Dharani with STR (Simbu) and Richa Gangopadhyay playing the lead roles. Sonu Sood repeats the villain character done in the original. Since this is a remake and assuming many of you would have seen 'Dabangg' already, I thought it was better to share my views and some differences between 'Osthi' and 'Dabangg' instead of a detailed review.

The moment it was announced that STR was going to revive the role of Chulbul Pandey made legendary by Salman Khan in 'Dabangg', comparisons to his and Salman's physique were talked about a lot. In spite of all comparisons, STR looks stylish and convincing as Osthi Velan and carries off the role of a dishonest Police Officer quite comfortably. He wears Rayban glasses flashes his six packs in the climax fight with Sonu Sood.

Santhanam's role and the comedy scenes are a great boon for the film (the dance sequence in the song Neduvalli is a bonus and a scream). There was not much scope for comedy in the original version. The chemistry between the brothers (STR and Jithan Ramesh) is given more liveliness in 'Osthi', which makes it more believable than the original.

The character of Sonakshi's brother in the original is missing in 'Osthi'.

Songs were pictured and choreographed well; especially the low angle shots used in the song 'Vaadi Pondatti' makes it stand unique. 'Kalasala' is good but when compared, the original 'Munni' will always be a step ahead. The background score could have been better.

Richa fits perfectly to the role of Sonakshi Sinha's but the character looks more soft-spoken and pleasing than the original.

The character of Salman in Dabangg was more reserved. He hardly smiled in the film which gave uniqueness to the character. However, here STR always has a smile and makes the character livelier with gags and punch dialogues. He also imitates most of the other hero's including his favorite Thala.
The Thirunelveli slang spoken by STR mixed with some - thooya tamizh - lines makes it very interesting and has the potential to become a rage among youngsters during casual conversations.

For those who have seen the original, you will sense there is something amiss after the film ends and that's mainly because of the difference in the characterization of the protagonist's in both films. Otherwise 'Osthi' is almost a scene by scene remake of the original. For others, this is a typical mass masala cop film which can be enjoyed if you are not really bothered about logic.

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  1. simbu oru mokka piece athuku suastiute illa thanda karmam

  2. str six packs in osthi.....ivan six pack vaklanu yar alutha parathesi naai

  3. naatula yaar than police vesham podrathun vivashtha ilama poych


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