Perarasu says even Lord Rama in Ramayana uses Punch Dialogues 
Debutant director Balu Narayanan's upcoming film Sooran stars Karan in the lead. The script of the film has the 'notorious' North Chennai as its backdrop.
The film has been jointly produced by as many as 8 producers. Music of the film has been composed by P.P. Balaji.

Directors K. Bhagyaraj, Jananathan, Perarasu, A. Venkatesh, Sargunam and Pandiraj took part at the glittering audio-launch. Jananathan, who directed the national award-winning Iyarkai a few years back, released the audio cassettes and CDs which was gleefully accepted by Perarasu.

Speaking on the occasion, Perarasu said "The songs which were telecast here appear nice and look 'commercial'. I have a gut feeling that Balu Narayanan would go on to become a successful commercial director like Venkatesh and I. There has been a general 'negative' view shared by almost all the critics about commercial films.

"Critics say that a film sans fight sequences and 'item number' are good films. Do they mean to say that commercial films which fulfill all the expectations of the viewers are not good films? I'd like to say something to those critics: base your criticism in the context of what sort of film you are writing about. Don't expect 'arty' things in a commercial film and vice-versa.

"Even the epic Ramayana has fights and 'punch' dialogues. Bring to your mind the sequence where Lord Rama tells a disarmed Raavan to return home for the day only to resume the battle the next day? Is it not a 'type' of punch dialogue?" concluded Perarasu amid thunderous applause.


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