Police register case of 'assault' on Kalabhavan Mani

Remember actor 'Kalabhavan' Mani, the actor who has tremendous abilities in the art of 'mimicking' besides the ability to take on any kind of role and do full justice to it?
The actor hasn't been spotted in Tamil films for quite some time now but is busy as ever with a handful of Malayalam films on hand.

Mani has played significant roles in films like Vikram's Gemini, Suriya's Aaru and in many other films. A native of Trichur in Kerala, Mani visited his native place near Chalakudi and took part at the 'Kavadi' festival at the Murugan Temple there. As Mani was proceeding along with the 'Kavadi' procession, he reportedly tried to clear the way for the procession as the traffic had come to a standstill.

When the procession was going through Adhirapalli Road, a traffic cop reportedly asked the processionists to pave way for the movement of regular vehicular traffic. When the organizers of the procession objected to the cop not doing enough to pave way for their procession, an argument ensued between them and the cops.

It is reported that during the course of the argument, Mani got into the scheme of things and pushed the policeman on duty. Following this, the local police have registered a case of 'assault' on Mani and are investigating further.


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