Rajapattai Movie Online Review, Rating (3/5)

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Starring: Vikram, Deeksha Seth, K. Vishwanath
Directed by: Suseenthiran
Produced by: Prasad V. Potluri
Screenplay by: Suseenthiran, Bhaskar Sakthi
Story by: Seenu Vasan
Music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: R. Madhi
Editing by: Mu. Kasi Viswanathan
Studio: PVP Cinema
Distributed by: Gemini Film Circuit
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Verdict: Complete Mass Masala entertainer and can be watched with the whole family.


Rajapattai story revolves around the issue of land grabbing. Anal Murugan (Vikram) is a Gym instructor and want's to become a villain in films. Deeksha Seth works in IT company. Anal Murugan fall in love with Deeksha Seth. Pradeep Rawat is a villain and grab lands from innocent people. One day Pradeep Rawat grabs land from K Viswanath. Rest of the story revolves around how Anal Murugan win over Pradeep Rawat? Who is K Viswanath? What happens to the love story with Deeksha Seth?


Vikram powerful performance is highlight in the movie. He is apt at his role. He did best in entertaining audience. His action, dances, dialogues, comedy etc is at his best and definitely will get applause from audience. Deeksha Seth has good screen presence as Vikram’s love interest. She is gorgeous in songs and few scenes. Pradeep Rawat is at his best. Mithra Kurien justifies his character. K Viswanath character important in the movie and he has done good job. Thambi Ramaiah and Mayilsami is good in their roles. 


Director Suseenthiran has done good job. The way he narrated the script is excellent. The way the action sequences were shot is terrific. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is another highlight in the movie. The music composed to the songs are well pictured. Especially, the background score is fantastic. The cinematography by R. Madhi and Editing by Mu. Kasi Viswanathan is good.

Review in Detail

Deiva Thirumagal’ was a big hit and Vikram’s role as a man with a brain 5-year old was highly appreciated by one and all. The versatile star, after doing tough and varied roles is back as an action hero that is in line with ‘Saamy’, ‘Dhil’ and ‘Dhool’!
And, ‘Rajapattai’ is a super-action film that again proves Vikram is one of those few inimitable stars in Indian cinema.

Rajapattai’ tells the story of a Gym instructor & Stunt man, who aspires to become a big villain in films. But, destiny has something else for him.

Anal Murugan (Vikram) takes on the ‘Dadas’ who grab lands from innocent people. Pradeep Rawat is the baddie. Vikram also has a beautiful relationship with K Viswanath. Deeksha Seth, an IT girl plays the love interest of Anal Murugan.

Vikram has come out with yet another powerful performance, this time as a super-action hero. Deeksha Seth, the leading lady is cute and attractive and also a performer. ‘Rajapattai’ has given a nice opening for her in Kollywood. She will definitely make a big round here. K Viswanath’s performance is worth mentioning.

Pradeep Rawat, who played a stunning role in A R Murugadoss’ ‘Ghajini’ has again showed the same hard core villain face here in ‘Rajapattai’. Mithra Kurien, who played a vital role in Vijay’s ‘Kavalan’ has delivered a neat performance.

Thambi Ramaiah and Mayilsami have done other prominent roles proving their acting talents.

This is yet another action-family drama of Suseendran, who delivered ‘Naan Mahan Alla’ with Karthi. The director has taken the support of Seenu Vasan in writing the story and Bhaskar Sakthi for doing the dialogues. The script has enough action, comedy, sentiments and romance, and fulfills a wholesome ‘Mass Masala’ entertainment!

Suseendran has included many novel features in the film including Vikram’s 10 different getups that we never have seen in any of the films.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is scoring the music. Songs and the visuals are heart-warming. The song ‘Laddu Laddu Rendu Laddu…’ featuring top heroines Shriya Saran and Reema Sen is one of the highlights of the film. The locations (Italy) capture our eyes.

Thanks to the camera work of R. Madhi. Mu. Kasi Viswanathan has taken care of the editing department.

Rajapattai’ is produced with a whopping budget of Rs. 40 Crores. SP Creations’ Ramesh actually started the production but due to financial constraints he handed over the production and the film to PVP Cinemas of Prasad V Potluri.

Review 2

Rajapattai is just an actor's quest for superstardom, and is a disappointing fare.

By rights, PVP Cinemas' Rajapattai (literally, The King's Road), has everything going for it: National Award winning actor Vikram, a pretty heroine, a neat art director in the form of Rajeevan, cinematographer Madhie, hit-maker Yuvan Shankar Raja and a director who has handled off-beat themes to much critical and commercial success, Suseenthiran.

But this is a commercial venture, and that raises expectations, of course even if the theme, land-grabbing, and its political fallout, have been dealt with a dozen times. You expect a fantastic movie but what you do get is a travesty that leaves you gaping at its extreme blandness.

The beginning, at any rate, is mildly interesting: you have Anal Murugan (Vikram), a gym instructor who wants to become a movie villain at any cost. He eats, sleeps and dreams his ambition. He also fights, yells, saves people (and dances while he does it, inspired, maybe, by Dabangg) all while wearing cool shades, strikingly colourful clothing that would put Ramarajan to shame, and multi-coloured beard and hair.

His behaviour and attempts at comedy actually remind you of Jackie Chan's early films except that Anal Murugan is nowhere near that funny or exciting.

The Good Samaritan that he is, he runs into, and saves an old man Dakshinamurthy (K Viswanath), persecuted by his own son about a children's home that he owns. Then begins an elaborate sequence that demonstrates the affection between them, ranging all over from romantic advice to taking care of family that bores you to the point of tears.

Seenu, who has come up with the story and dialogue-writer Baskar Shakthi seem to be at least 15 years behind times, as they laboriously try to construct a romance between Murugan and his love interest (Deeksha Seth). It takes a good while, thus, for the land-grabbing plot-point to make any headway, as the hero is too busy swaggering around the city with his cohorts.

And if you still can't guess exactly where this story is heading and its climax, you have no business watching a commercial pot-boiler anyway.

What surprises you is not the mainstream movie itself; there have many such before, and Vikram has been very successful at some of them. This one, however, sinks into a morass of insipidity with its half-baked scenes, characterizations that belong in the 1960s and ridiculous villains. If it's meant to be a parody, that doesn't work either, as the makers have obviously taken themselves too seriously.

This is definitely not the best of Vikram's performances. At no point is he the character, Anal Murugan, a gym-boy who aches to succeed. There's very little, in fact, of his career and he's always Vikram himself: drawling, swaggering, hurling punch dialogues and squinting; there's no acting involved whatsoever. It's sad to see an actor of his stature take on a role such as this, in the name of commercial cinema.

Even more disheartening is director Suseenthiran's work. Making an interesting mainstream movie is no easy feat, and it's obvious that his heart was not in it. There are one or two places where you can see his touch, but that's it. When it comes to plot, characterization and screenplay, there's very little that's actually worthy of being salvaged.

Perhaps realising the futility of the project, Yuvan Shankar Raja hasn't troubled himself to provide great songs.

If anything, it's K Viswanath who brings a smile to your face, with his expressive acting and knack for comedy. The rest, including Deeksha Seth and Thambi Ramaiah, are all side-lined in Vikram's quest for superstardom.

For that's what it is: one man's quest to reclaim his star-status, both on and off-screen.

This Rajapattai doesn't offer much to entice the public.

Rajapattai’ sure can be declared a pure ‘action-drama’ entertainer that can be watched with the whole family!
Rajapattai Movie Review, Rating Online Movie Review
Reviewed by The Cinema News on Dec 23.
Rajapattai Movie Online Review, Rating
Rajapattai - Complete Mass Masala entertainer and can be watched with the whole family
Rating: 3


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