Sonia Agarwal - Jithan Ramesh in 'Accham'

Actress Sonia Agarwal is currently acting in the film titled Oru Nadigayin Vaakumulam.

This film which has been directed by Raj Krishna speaks about the actresses who undergo various sufferings in order to sustain her in the industry.

Sonia Agarwal is acting this film after a long hiatus. This film is being released soon. Now details regarding her next film are coming to light.

It is understood that Sonia will be acting in a film to be directed by Ravi Krishna again. Sonia has accepted this film because she liked the story very much.

This film is titled Accham. The director has mentioned that this film is about the sufferings of an ordinary woman. Jithan Ramesh will be pairing with Sonia Agarwal in this film.


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