TN Theatre owners to abide by Government's decision in Dam 999 issue

Theatre-owners to abide by Govt. decision in Dam 999 issue
The Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners’ Association has decided to toe the State Government’s stand in the highly contentious issue of the theatrical release of the film Dam 999 directed by ex-Naval officer Sohan Roy.
Starring Vimala Raman and Vinay Rai in the lead, this international production has kicked up a huge storm in the State as it depicts the story of a dam (believed by Tamilians as the controversial Mullai Periyar Dam) and the lives of the people around it.

At a meeting chaired by its president ‘Abirami’ Ramanathan, theatre-owners decided to conduct a day-long fast in Chennai to voice their support to the Tamil Nadu Government in its efforts to resolve the dispute involving the Mullai Periyar Dam.  Ramanathan also said that on the day of the fast, all the theatres in Tamil Nadu would be canelling all the shows for the day.

The resolution passed at the meeting said that “The Chief Minister knows pretty well as to what measures are to be taken for the people’s welfare.  Amma has been doing that and shall continue to do so.  As theatre-owners in the State, we have decided to stand by whatever decision Amma takes vis-à-vis the release of Dam 999.  We would wholly abide by the decision taken by the Government.”

The meeting was attended by almost all the officer-bearers of the Asssociation including secretary Sathyaseelan, vice-president Shanthi Venugopal, general secretary Ganaphiram and many others.


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