Vijay or Karthi is Director Kumar's choice

Director Kumar is on a high. Reason - his film in Kannada 'Vishnuvardhana' which has Sudeep, Priyamani, Bhavana and Sonu Sood in important roles is doing pretty well.
The director has recently revealed that all the time while filming the Kannada movie, he had an idea to remake the film in his own language Tamil.

'Vishnuvardhana' was recently, specially screened in Chennai for the director's gurus Bagyaraj and KS Ravikumar. The director got immense appreciation from both his mentors, more precisely KS Ravikumar who also revealed that he would help his junior if he is planning to remake this film in Tamil.

While the journos quizzed director Kumar as to who he would like to see as hero of his film in Tamil, the director is believed to have revealed that his first choice would be Vijay but his mentor KS Ravikumar believes that Karthi would suit the mood of this film better.

While the two decide on who would appear in the lead role in this remake film we will get back with the latest happening on this soon...


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