Vijayakanth getting Sundararajan's wrath

Ace filmmaker R Sundararajan, who wielded the megaphone for some of the important movies in Vijayakanth’s career (‘Amman Koil Kizhakkale’, ‘Vaidehi Kathirundhal’, ‘Ninaive Oru Sangeetham’ and ‘En Aasai Machan’) has charged the actor-politician with ignoring him.

“When the actual producers of Vaidehi Kathirundhal were against Vijayakanth playing the lead role in the movie, I backed him strongly and went ahead directing it for another producer. The film gave him a big break,” Sundararajan said in an interview to a popular Tamil weekly.

He added: “I worked with him for many films later and gave him super hits. But when my son died in a road accident, Vijayakanth, despite being in my next street, did not bother about visiting me. That’s the reality of cinema.”

Sundararajan, who is a popular actor too, is now focusing on his family business, catering. “I was the one who took care of catering services in the recent weddings of P Vasu and KS Ravikumar families. I will sure direct a film in the future, when I meet a producer who gives importance to script.”


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