Aishwarya Dhanush to direct Abhishek Bachchan?

'Why this Kolaveri…' song took the nation by storm and top people from various quarters came to the appreciation of the song.

One of them was Abhishek Bachchan who personally called Dhanush and Aishwarya Dhanush to congratulate the team of film '3' for the success of the song.

Now, the song has opened doors of Bollywood for Aishwarya Dhanush that it is reported that the debutant in '3' is all likely to do a Hindi film soon and the hero is none other than Abishek Bachchan who was in great appreciation of the song 'Kolaveri'!

The budding director is so happy about the offer that has come from a big star, who had had a personal discussion about the new film when she was there in Mumbai for the works of '3'. The only condition that Mr. Bachchan has put is that the 'Kolaveri' song had to be included in the film.


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