Buzz around Mahesh Babu - Kajal Agarawal Lip to Lip

Lip to Lip sequence between Prince Mahesh Babu and sensuous Kajal in Businessman has grabbed the attention of film lovers. However, Kajal was not happy with the huge buzz around it.

“There is a lot more in the film to talk about than just the lip-lock between Mahesh and me. It wasn’t supposed to be something sensual. It was meant to portray the conflict between both the characters and that’s how it ended up being on screen. Puri sir shot it very aesthetically and thankfully the audience has perceived it that way too,” said the actress.

The actress also clarified that she would never cross the line of decency.Anyway I wouldn’t do anything that is overtly titillating or vulgar because I want to be able to watch my films with my family and friends he told.


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