Dhoni Audio Launched! What Ilayaraja says about the movie?

Prakash Raj couldn't have asked for a better audio launch than this for his Tamil directorial debut Dhoni!

The music composer of the film, Ilayaraja, for the first time rendered all the songs from Dhoni on stage with a live orchestra and enthralled the entire gathering. The maestro spoke exclusively to kollyinsider.com about the movie, Prakash Raj and the need for 'out of the box' promotion.

On breaking policies and accepting for a live show:
I have no rules as misconstrued! Prakash Raj is fond of live orchestra and when he approached me, I agreed!

About Dhoni:
Prakash has made a film, which questions the system we live in. It questions every system we follow including education and economy. The society is answerable. You should watch the film to understand. Don't make it sound that Dhoni is a controversial film; it is a film which everyone can relate to!

His personal opinion on the core theme of Dhoni
I have no opinion. If it brings about a change in society, I am ready to share my opinion. All I can say is that society has become poisonous!

On out-of-the-box promos:
Whether you like it or not, promos for films are the need of the hour. One can't avoid it.

Prakash Raj on Dhoni:
More than me Raja sir is truthful to my script! My contribution is only 20 per cent and the rest of it was his musical magic.

While Prakash's mentor K. Balachander unveiled the first set of audio. Other ace filmmakers including Mahendran, Balu Mahendra, R.V. Udhayakumar, S.A. Chandrashekar, K.S. Ravikumar, lyricist Muthukumar and actor Nasser received the first few copies.


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