Gangai Amaran joins Bharathiraja after 21 years

People talk that blood is thicker than water and will be getting due level of relationship. This is more furthered in case of the natives of the same locales.
Ever since the film 16 Vayathinile was let for audience some 35 years ago, the film had the folks from the same village and area.

Bharathiraja, Ilayaraja and Gangai Amaran were the prime personalities for the success of that movie. The combination went on for almost two decades (21 years) despite the inclusion of another native Vairamuthu.

As it could have been in any other field, the rifts between Ilayaraja and Vairamuthu increased the gap between the director and the musician. Now the other brother Ganagai Amaran has got some sort of revival from the director. Bharathiraja seems to have given opportunity to the director- musician- lyricist Gangai Amaran in Annakkodiyum Kodiveeranum. The same sort of offer worked out during two decades ago for Bharathiraja's En Yuir Tholan. This means the fragrance of Senthoorapoove is still lingering on both.


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