Has Shriya lost her market?

Shriya became popular by pairing with Rajni. She was also leading actresses in Tamil and Telugu film industries.

But in the recent times she has no films in her hand. The last Tamil film she had acted was Rowthiram.

There was news that the producers are not signing her for their films since she has lost her market. When asked Shriya about this, she said, “I am in cinema for the last 12 years.

I have earned a name that I will act in any role given to me. There is no truth in the news that I have lost the market or I don't have films in hand.

When I was new to cinema, I accepted all the films that came my way. I also acted in few of the films because of the proximity I had with the producer or the director.

Now I have become financially strong. Now it is not necessary for me to act in all the films. I have decided to act in the films that have good stories.

Many are spreading rumours because of this. In some of the films I continue to dance for a single song and also busy participating in the functions.”


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