Ilayaraja's Dhoni live audio launch

Recently many audience had the opportunity to watch the maestro performing his concert over a TV channel. The occasion proved to be a pleasant experience and took us back to his old gold days.
Now for a change and variety, Ilayaraja will perform the live audio launch for Prakash Raj's Dhoni.

It is to be noticed that this is maestro's first ever live for a new album. This event is slated for 28th January with large number of fans expected to participate. For Prakash Raj, this film is the debut venture as the director. He mentioned that the film will reveal the sentiments of a sincere father towards his promising child.

The twist of events will fill the sequences and he said every frame of the film has come out well. Dhoni is a bilingual project in Tamil and Telugu and may hit the screens in February. Raja Kaiya Vaicha Athu Wronga Ponathillai.


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